Great Real Estate Agents Know This Secret Solar Tax Credit

Help your clients save money and the environment

Making the switch to solar power is about a lot more than fancy technology or environmental impact. For homeowners across the country, solar panel installation comes with a plethora of benefits from cost savings to tax breaks. Here is what you need to know:

Homeowners unlock big tax breaks by installing solar panels.

Homeowners may utilize the tax credit for each of their primary or secondary residences.

It’s a great way for sellers to add value to the home, and to take advantage of a property-specific tax break before moving into a new home to do it again!

The tax credit is 30% of the total system cost, and may be applied to the system itself, or other debt or tax liabilities.

Qualifying homeowners enjoy no-money down, no payments for twelve months, and no cost increases in their fixed cost solar payments that will not only nearly entirely replace their electricity bills, but will also save them tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their home.

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